Scorn Xbox Update

In the middle of October, much-anticipated horror adventure Scorn graced our screens with its grotesque art style, and in the opinion of some players, an even more grotesque save system. One of the most frequent complaints about the game at launch was that its checkpoints were too unforgiving, with the game also lacking a manual save option. Well, those complaints are being addressed.

Ebb Software has posted the patch notes for Scorn update, which is out now on Steam and the Epic Games Store, with Xbox Series X|S and GOG PC to follow. Here are the notes, starting with the headline updates:

Scorn Update Patch Notes

Updates and Additions

  • Removed the Continue option after a player finishes the game
  • Removed the Load and the Quit game options from the death screen
  • Added safety check for a corrupted save slot
  • Added Load last checkpoint option
  • Added Act III-II hard save
  • Updated checkpoint positions
  • Updated list of the Kickstarter backers
  • Updated Credits
  • Updated FSR 2.0 label in the Options menu
  • Updated positions of certain assets

Fixed Issues

  • German localization issues
  • Spanish localization issues
  • FOV issues on ultrawide screens
  • Position of the ammo/heal container when a player uses heal
  • Capsule blockers on a bridge
  • Act V loading issue
  • Crash when exiting the game
  • Occasional NPC freezes
  • Various collisions causing issues

Fixed Bugs

  • A player can get stuck in the hurt machine
  • A player can get stuck in the collision after performing a glory kill
  • After killing the Boss in Act V, players are unable to pick up the dropped item
  • A player might die by falling through the floor at certain positions

For now, the developer hasn't dated the Xbox update, other than the fact that it's "coming soon", so expect it to drop over the next few days. The team has also teased that more updates are on the way, seemingly in the very near future.

"Thanks again for your support and stay tuned next week for more Halloween updates!"

Will you be giving Scorn another whirl with its new checkpoint system? Let us know down in the comments!