Random: This New Nvidia Graphics Card Is 'Bigger' Than Xbox Series S

Ever since we first set eyes on Xbox Series S, we've been flabbergasted by how small the system is! Seriously, we know the Xbox Series X is large by normal console standards, but that doesn't take away from how tiny Microsoft's all-digital system actually proves. And yet, this new revelation doing the rounds on Twitter has surprised us once again!

Folks are starting to compare the Xbox Series S to Nvidia's new RTX 4090 graphics card, and the two devices are incredibly similar in size. Sure, it's hard to judge the overall size and depth of the pair via a static image, but still, look at these two sat next to each other!

It's not just the Series S that's being compared to the huge GPU either. The other images in the tweet below place the RTX 4090 alongside the likes of a Xbox Series X, PS5 and even a Steam Deck, just to get even more perspective on how some modern consoles to stack up to what is just a component after all; not even a full system!

Regardless of its overall size, the Xbox Series S packs some serious punch, especially considering its price point (which is a damn sight cheaper than the RTX 4090 might we add). Here's what it can do when unleashed on some backwards compatible titles:

Is this console tiny or is that just one giant GPU? Let us know down in the comments!