PlatinumGames Would Be 'Very Happy' To Work With Xbox On Scalebound Again

In the years since the unfortunate cancellation of Xbox exclusive Scalebound, we've heard plenty of thoughts on a potential project revival, although nothing really concrete. Well, in a new interview with Scalebound developer PlatinumGames, the original team has once again expressed its desire to work with Xbox on this once-exclusive title.

When asked about Phil's response to rumblings about Scalebound's return, Platinum dev Takao Yamane had this to say:

"Let me take this one, because if we let Kamiya-san answer this then I think he’s going to give away a little too much unnecessary information maybe! All I can say on record here is that, as PlatinumGames, we can’t comment or say anything about this."

So, once again it's all a little close to the chest, isn't it? Still, it sounds like the team may well have something it's keeping secret, at least for now.

However, the developer went on to hint that it was still waiting for answers from Phil Spencer & Co. on a potential Scalebound revival. Recently, Phil responded to suggestions about bringing the game back, which Platinum went on to address:

"In terms of what Phil Spencer was saying, I’m not really sure where that reaction came from and what he was actually thinking… we’re not really sure, to be honest with you. But if in any way he has changed his mind in a positive way for us, then that’s something that we’re very happy about. "Personally", it’s very positive from my own viewpoint."

"Phil! Let’s do it together again! (Laughs)"

Whether anything is really going on behind the scenes or not, the Scalebound dev is seemingly still very interested in working on the game in some capacity. Xbox has publicly stated its desire to work on more Japanese games for Xbox, so we'll have to wait and see what the future holds!

Could you see Scalebound ever returning? Let us know your thoughts down below.