Xbox Boss Still Has 'Nothing To Say' About A Scalebound Revival

For a game that was cancelled over five years ago, we sure hear about Scalebound a lot!

Over the past couple of years, developer PlatinumGames (and specifically Hideki Kamiya) have been talking about the game and a desire to return to it in the future, but there's been no sign of a revival thus far.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer was asked about the game by Game Watch last week, and had the following response:

“There’s currently nothing to say about Scalebound.”

There's a small chance Phil could be hiding something, especially considering he supposedly laughed or smiled while giving his response to that question, but it seems more likely that Team Xbox have just moved on at this point.

Even so, we're sure we'll be reporting on yet another Scalebound story at some point in the near future...!

Do you still want to a see a Scalebound revival for Xbox? Let us know in the comments below.

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