Minecraft Legends
Image: Mojang

During this year's Minecraft Live broadcast, Mojang provided an update on the development of its upcoming action-strategy title, Minecraft Legends.

Instead of just being a 2023 release, the Microsoft-owned Swedish developer has now confirmed it'll be arriving on multiple platforms including Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass at some point in "Spring 2023".

Alongside this announcement was a look at the game's opening cinematic, here's an official description to go with it:

"Begin your journey into the story of Minecraft Legends! Watch the legend start to unfold in a clip from the game’s opening cinematic as the piglins begin their rampage across the Overworld. From the very first little invader to the reveal of the mighty piglin hordes, it’s clear that the Overworld needs a hero..."

Will you be checking this game out when it arrives on Xbox next year? Comment down below.