Medieval Dynasty Team Responds To 'Disappointing' Performance On Xbox Game Pass

We were treated to the highly anticipated release of Medieval Dynasty on Xbox Series X|S yesterday (included with Game Pass), and while impressions of the game have been good, the same can't be said of its performance.

Xbox fans have been questioning why the game is classed as "Optimised" for Series X and Series S when it only runs at 30FPS on both consoles, while also pointing out issues with the likes of pop-in and small text.

While the game's developer (Render Cube) has yet to respond publicly to these concerns, publisher Toplitz Productions has been very active on Twitter over the past 24 hours, revealing that there are plans to hopefully increase the frame rate in a future patch, although specifics can't be provided right now.

It's not just Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S suffering these issues right now - PlayStation 5 users are reporting them as well. Interestingly, Topliz has been hinting that the game might be coming to Xbox One and PS4 at some point, too.

We've reached out independently to try and get a more solid quote about the 60FPS patch, and we'll update you if we hear anything back. For now, Medieval Dynasty still sounds like a fun game to try on Xbox Game Pass, but just be aware that the performance might not be as good as you're hoping for - at least not yet!

How are you getting on with Medieval Dynasty on Xbox Game Pass so far? Tell us down below.