Lots Of Games Reduced By 80-90% In Xbox's Super Saver Sale
Image: Mad Max

Looking for some cheap Xbox games from October 4th to October 11th?

Thanks to the ongoing Super Saver Sale, there are lots of games that are currently discounted by 90% including the likes of Mad Max and Panzer Dragoon: Remake, so there are plenty of bargains to snap up while you can!

The 90% discounts are in the table, and you'll find some highlights for 80% and 85% below. Enjoy!

Xbox Games Reduced By 90% This Week

Content Title Sale UK Price US Price Discount
Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition Spotlight Sale £1.19 $1.49 90%
Alekhine’s Gun Super Saver Sale £1.67 $1.99 90%
Ash of Gods: Redemption Super Saver Sale £1.59 $1.99 90%
Homefront: The Revolution Action Adventure Sale


$1.99 90%
Homefront: The Revolution ‘Freedom Fighter’ Bundle Super Saver Sale £2.99 $3.99 90%
Mad Max Super Saver Sale £2.99 $4.99 90%
One Piece World Seeker Super Saver Sale £4.99 $5.99 90%
Panzer Dragoon: Remake Super Saver Sale £2.09 $2.49 90%
Road Rage Super Saver Sale £1.67 $1.99 90%
Sparkle 4 Tales Deals With Gold £0.83 $0.99 90%
XCOM 2 Collection Super Saver Sale £7.99 $9.99 90%

Here are a few other highlights we've picked out from the 80-85% range:

Games Reduced By 85%

Games Reduced By 80%

Taking advantage of any of these Xbox discounts? Let us know down in the comments below.

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