Xbox legacy of kain

Last month, developer Crystal Dynamics announced that it had retained the rights to some of its biggest franchises following the move to Embracer Group. Those franchises include Tomb Raider, of course, but also Legacy of Kain, the team's late 90soriginal Xbox-era dark fantasy action series. Well, the dev now wants to know how much you'd like the see the latter return.

CD has posted an online survey asking fans about the Legacy of Kain series. At present, the survey seems to be trying to gauge general interest in the series, asking questions about whether participants have played any Legacy of Kain games, whether they've watched any videos of the series online in recent years, etc.

The survey doesn't provide a concrete answer as to whether LoK will come back, but clearly, the developer is showing some interest in returning to the IP. Another Tomb Raider instalment was always an inevitability given its popularity, but whether Legacy of Kain would actually return following the move seemed less likely. The team continues to mention it though, so it's certainly possible.

Anyone can access and fill in the survey, so if you'd like to see this franchise return, it might be a good idea to let Crystal Dynamics know how much you're into the series!

Would you like to see Legacy of Kain come back? Let us know in the comments.