Halo Infinite Local Campaign Co-Op Has Been Cancelled

343 Industries has unveiled what's coming to Halo Infinite in Season 3 and beyond, with a fairly substantial roadmap and dev diary laying everything out for the coming months. Sadly, tucked in here is the news that local split-screen co-op has been unfortunately cancelled.

The reason behind the cancellation seems to be to free up developer resources for other elements of Halo Infinite's live service. We can't say we're surprised, as the team has struggled to add substantial content to the game since its late 2021 launch. Here's the statement:

"In order to improve and accelerate ongoing live service development, and to better address player feedback and quality of life updates, we have reallocated studio resources and are no longer working on local campaign split-screen co-op."

In better news, Infinite's Forge mode, at least in Beta form, is launching on November 8th, right at the start of Season 3. Online campaign co-op will then follow, sometime during Season 3 - which runs from November 2nd through March 7th. Here's the full dev diary that breaks down the future of Halo Infinite:

Were you looking forward to local co-op? Or is online the only way these days? Let us know!

[source halowaypoint.com, via ign.com]