Gotham Knights Is Getting A 'Large' Patch To Improve Xbox Performance

There's been a lot of discourse surrounding Gotham Knights lately, primarily related to how it performs on console. Although we actually had very few concerns while reviewing the game, Digital Foundry discovered that it does indeed drop frames in certain circumstances, and even before its release, there was criticism directed at the game's target of 30 frames per-second on Xbox Series X, Series S and PS5.

Now, WB Games has confirmed a patch is on the way to address performance concerns, and while it'll be targeting every platform the game is available for, there will be specific upgrades to "framerate stability" on Xbox and PlayStation:

"The team is hard at work on a larger Patch to improve performance overall and give you the best possible experience. For console users, we are specifically aiming to address challenges with framerate stability."

Before this update arrives, however (there's no date for it yet), Gotham Knights will be getting a small patch on Xbox later this week, which will "address a mix of needed fixes that have popped up since launch".

There's no doubt that Gotham Knights has been dividing the critics over the past week, attracting a wide range of review scores. We've been really pleased with it though, awarding it a "Great" 8/10 and calling it a "dark, dense and surprisingly gripping action adventure". Let's hope these upcoming patches can improve it even further.

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