Roundup: Here's What The Critics Are Saying About Gotham Knights

We're not done with the major releases this week just yet! There's been a lot of discussion recently concerning WB Games' Gotham Knights, with a confirmed 30FPS frame rate along with hit-and-miss previews causing some concern amongst gaming fans, but what's the final product like? Well, the reviews have now landed!

In our Gotham Knights review here at Pure Xbox, we were pleasantly surprised by how fun Gotham Knights proved, calling it a "dark, dense and surprisingly gripping action adventure" that we think you'll have a "great time" with.

As for everyone else, here's a selection of reviews we've gathered from across the web:

Pure Xbox (8/10)

"There's a cracking story to dive into here, a huge and wonderfully detailed city, tons of lore for Bat fans, brutally crunchy combat, four cool superheroes to get a handle on and some of Gotham's most infamous villains to take down as you fight to prevent an all-out turf war. We were slightly concerned going into this one but, as it turns out, we needn't have been. If you can ignore some messy menus and a few too many upgradeable bits and bobs, you'll have a great time."

VGC (4/5)

"Gotham Knights steps out of Arkham’s shadow to provide a great super hero game full of excellent characters. While some open-world fluff remains, it’s still gaming’s best take on Gotham that we couldn’t stop exploring."

Game Informer (7.25/10)

"Gotham Knights didn’t wow me with its overly familiar objectives, combat, and activities, but it didn’t leave me sour. It’s fun to control some new heroes as they brood over Gotham from its building overhangs and uncover hidden plots against its people."

Push Square (7/10)

"Gotham Knights is the type of game you so dearly want to love, but time and time again it gives you a reason not to. What Warner Bros. Games Montreal has here is an excellent story with top-notch cutscene direction and a fun combat system, with too many needless and confusing mechanics bolted on top. If you can look past them, there's a genuinely great game here. We recommend trying your best to do so; you'll find a compelling narrative on the other side."

IGN (5/10)

"Gotham Knights is a consistently disappointing return to Batman’s troubled city and a distinct step backwards from the past decade-plus of Batman games."

GameSpot (4/10)

"The game seems built to serve an almighty hours-played statistic that has lately felt frighteningly ubiquitous. Strong character work and a well-considered co-op experience can't save all that ails Gotham Knights, leaving this experience neither the one fans deserve, nor the one they need right now."

At the time of writing, Gotham Knights has an average review score of 69 for Xbox Series X on Metacritic, while the PS5 version fares slightly better with a rating of 70. It's definitely been dividing the critics so far, then!

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