Ark: Survival Evolved Xbox Game Pass

Ark: Survival Evolved has been a part of the Xbox Game Pass library since 2018, with Microsoft clearly keen to keep this dino survival game in the library as long as possible. Well, a new legal document reveals just how long it'll remain on Game Pass, along with some juicy details about its sequel.

According to the doc, Microsoft amended its Ark deal in 2020, to keep the game a part of the service indefinitely. At the same time, the two companies agreed to launch Ark 2 right into the Game Pass library on day one, where it's set to remain for three years after launch.

Ark 2 Game Pass
Image: Ark 2 Was Revealed For Xbox Game Pass Back In June

Interestingly, the agreement also reveals some pricing details around the series' inclusion in Xbox Game Pass. Apparently, Microsoft paid $2.5 million to keep Ark on Game Pass perpetually, while the two companies also agreed a $2.3 million deal for Ark 2's Xbox Game Pass launch.

That's a lot of dollars for dinos ain't it, but clearly, Microsoft deems the series a very valuable one to be a part of Xbox Game Pass. We don't know a ton of detail about Ark 2 itself right now, aside from the fact that it'll star famous actor Vin Diesel. Very pre-historic!

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