Xbox Series X Deathloop Console

Bethesda has finally brought Deathloop to Xbox Series X and S this week, following a year-long exclusivity period on PS5. We think the game is just as good as it was when it launched to critical acclaim on PS5, and if you're as into Arkane's latest shooter as much as us, you might be interested in this custom Xbox Series X console!

Microsoft has just unveiled its latest console sweepstakes competition; this time for a Deathloop-themed Xbox Series X. We've seen plenty of custom Series S systems since the new generation began in 2020, but this time we've been treated to Microsoft's premium next-gen console!

As usual, this isn't a standard purchasable console bundle and can only be obtained by entering a competition for it. This particular one is open to all Xbox-supported regions (barring Russia), and you simply have to follow Xbox on Twitter and retweet the above tweet - that's it!

We've seen a lot of custom consoles since Xbox Series X and S launched, and we're now left wondering when the next widely-available one will drop. So far, only the gorgeous Halo Infinite Series X has been available to buy outright! We could see that change for Starfield's launch next year though...

What upcoming Xbox game do you think will get a proper themed console? Drop your ideas down below!

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