We've talked a lot about the cancelled Xbox exclusive Scalebound here at Pure Xbox in the past, but one of the stories we didn't expect to share was that of a signed poster from the development team randomly showing up at a yard sale.

That's exactly what happened this past weekend, as our Nintendo Life friend and fellow Hookshot staff member Zion Grassl stumbled upon the poster, and as you can imagine, it drummed up quite a bit of attention on social media:

The person who sold the poster responded to Zion, stating that he was "so glad this poster goes to someone who appreciates it as much as I did", and suggested that he got the signatures from attending one or multiple PAX events.

As you may well know, Scalebound was eventually cancelled in early 2017, and PlatinumGames director Hideki Kamiya has spoken on numerous occasions in recent years about how he'd like to revisit the project if given the chance.

A really cool little find there, Zion! Now... can we buy it from you?