Phil Spencer: Xbox Still Wants Square Enix's MMO Final Fantasy 14
Image: Square Enix

Xbox already has quite a number of MMOs and has even secured Phantasy Star Online 2 in recent years, but one that's missing from the lineup is Square Enix's Final Fantasy 14.

In 2019, head of Xbox Phil Spencer made a commitment to bringing the game to Xbox, so what's the latest? Speaking to the Japanese website Game Watch earlier this week as part of the Tokyo Game Show 2022, Phil said Xbox hasn't given up.

Here's exactly what he had to say to the Japanese website Game Watch (via VGC):

“We certainly announced that (laughs). Naturally, we haven’t given up yet. This is a commitment from both Microsoft and Square Enix to gamers and we will continue to coordinate our efforts.”

Back in 2019, Square Enix said the reason it hadn't happened yet was due to certain restrictions surrounding cross-play features on Xbox at the time - tied to chat and forming guilds with players on other systems.

Would you be interested in seeing Final Fantasy 14 show up on Xbox one day? Tell us below.

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