Phil Spencer
Image: Xbox

It's hard to believe, but after years of early access Grounded is finally arrived in a completed state - with Version 1.0 now available to Xbox, PC and Game Pass users around the globe.

As part of tradition, Xbox's boss Phil Spencer has shared a short but sweet message on the social media platform Twitter congratulating the team for their achievement. Here's exactly what he had to say:

"Really proud of the small and focused team at @Obsidian that had a vision for a game and the commitment to build the game hand in hand with the community. Congrats on reaching 1.0 Grounded team and I hope everyone enjoys playing the full release of the game. @GroundedTheGame"

As you can see, the Grounded team has wished players well in this full-release version. It also mentioned how early access players would be required to start over on quests. Luckily, unlocks will carry over.

Will you be jumping back into Grounded now that full release is here? Comment down below.