Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard

Another year, another dream killed eh? Look, we've always been huge fans of the Xbox 360 blades UI, and while we know it'd take some tweaking to bring back in 2022, we'd still love to see it return. Well, once again it looks like that won't be the case anytime soon.

On a recent episode of Major Nelson's Xbox podcast, the host spoke about Xbox's new home UI and how the team is taking fan feedback into account for the full release later this year. However, fan feedback, apparently, doesn't include shouting and screaming for the blades to come back. God damnit! Here's where Major Nelson killed our dreams, again:

First of all, I want to point out one thing right away because I know people are going to drop in the YouTube chats, or hit me up on Twitter [...] No, you can't have the blades back. That was lovely, that was nice, but you can't have the blades back because they don't really scale, as we say in the business, to what we want to do.

Almost a year ago, Xbox's Eden Marie made a similar comment in response to Xbox 360 blades requests. Honestly, one day we'll get them to cave! Well, maybe not, but we'll continue to pray for the blades to return anyway...

Do you think Xbox could make the 'blades' work in 2022? Let us know your thoughts below!