Halo Infinite Campaign Co-Op Won't Feature Online Matchmaking

A lot of the Halo faithful have been anticipating campaign co-op for some time, after all, it's a pretty core feature of the series. Well, we've got some unfortunate news here as the mode enters testing. As it turns out, co-op won't contain online matchmaking once the mode hits the public build of Halo Infinite.

Xbox has confirmed the news with GamesRadar, who've been testing out the mode during its flighting phase. Here's what the company said about Halo Infinite co-op matchmaking:

"Online matchmaking will not be available with final co-op. We encourage you to continue to use the Halo LFG and the new Discord voice call feature on Xbox to find players to party up with as you continue playing the beta..."

During the flighting phase, this has made the process of testing the feature somewhat troublesome, as not everyone has friends available for the flight. Of course, Halo: The Master Chief Collection doesn't support online matchmaking for its co-op campaigns either, but we were hoping 343 might have found a way to incorporate it in Infinite.

Halo Infinite just can't seem to escape controversy. We loved our time with it for review and continue to play the game regularly online, but core fans continue to take issue with the game's post-launch 'live service' model.

Is this news disappointing, or would you normally party up with pals anyway? Let us know!

[source gamesradar.com]