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Microsoft has announced that tucked into its June developer update across Windows and Xbox, it's enabling Xbox Series S to become a bit more powerful. A new update to developer tools for Xbox Series S allocates more memory for teams to use, which could result in performance boosts to both existing and upcoming games on the system.

Microsoft says "hundreds of additional megabytes of memory" are now available to use on the console, which should help developers bridge the gap to Xbox Series X performance, at least a little bit. The lower memory levels present in Xbox Series S have often been touted as a bottleneck for the system.

These memory changes should, in turn, allow for enhanced "graphics performance". Yeah, we're not entirely sure what that equates to in real terms, but the gist of this update is your Xbox Series S just became a bit more powerful, in the hands of game developers.

At times, Xbox Series S has struggled to keep up with Xbox Series X and PS5, offering lower frame rate options in some games, which is to be expected. However, developers have often bridged the gap to the more expensive systems with post-launch patches, hinting that with a little more optimization, the Series S comes into its own.

What do you reckon to this? Pleased to see post-launch Series S boosts? Let us know!

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