Xbox Owners Bemused As Friends Lists 'Wiped' Due To Network Issue
Image: Xbox, HumpyTheClown on Reddit

You may have noticed yesterday that your Xbox friends list looked pretty empty — it's not because all your Xbox friends have left you (we hope!), but rather because of a network issue that was causing some problems on Microsoft's side.

The issue caused a lot of chatter in the Xbox community at the time, and various Xbox accounts on Twitter (including the Xbox Support team) chimed in to confirm that it was a known bug and a fix was being identified.

It did end up taking quite a while for this issue to be rectified, with a follow-up message from the Xbox Support team arriving around six hours after the initial identification of the glitch, confirming it had finally been fixed.

So there you go, no need to panic! To be honest, we didn't actually notice anything was wrong at all...

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