Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Xbox Game Pass

Since the summer reveal of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, we've been looking forward to hearing more about Team Ninja's upcoming action game. Late last week, an impressive gameplay trailer dropped at the tail end of Gamescom 2022, and now, a new interview provides a few fresh details on the title.

The big one is that the adventure will be roughly 40 hours long, according to the game's producer, Masaaki Yamagiwa. They sat down with Spanish site Vandal to talk about the game and its general structure, revealing that rough runtime.

It sounds like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will also take notes from Nioh, which the team worked on exclusively for PlayStation prior to this title. Basically, it'll be broadly linear with traditional missions as opposed to a sprawling open world.

Even with that structure in mind, it's sounding like a pretty meaty experience all round, which is great for an upcoming Xbox Game Pass title. At present, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has no set release date, but it's expected to launch in 2023.

Does this kind of runtime excite you or scare you off? Let us know which side you land in the comments below!

[source vandal.elespanol.com, via pushsquare.com]