Project Cars

Slightly Mad Studios, the team behind the Project CARS series, has revealed that the first two games in the franchise are being delisted from storefronts this year. Vehicle and track licensing issues are the stumbling block here; a typical culprit when it comes to racers on digital storefronts.

Oddly enough, Project CARS 2 will be the first one to go. The second entry in the series will no longer be purchasable on digital storefronts come September 21st, 2022. Project CARS 1 then disappears into the ether on October 3rd.

The good news is that the team has confirmed multiplayer servers will be still be alive and kicking after the big delist, for players who continue to dip into these two sim racers. Also, as normal, the titles will still be accessible and available for re-download later on, as long as you have the games in your library.

Project CARS 3, the series' latest effort that went down a more 'simcade' route, seems to avoid the delisting shenanigans for now. The developer is now working on the next entry in the franchise, set to return to a similar style as the first two games.

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