Pick One: What's The Best Racing Series On Xbox?

Right, after our recent rant about Forza Horizon's current direction and the greatness of the PGR series, we started to think about some of the most popular racing series' on Xbox, past and present.

Forza, as a whole, has been a platform mainstay for years now and is absolutely one of the best racers out there when you look at the entire series. But, what about some of those racers that have fallen by the wayside in recent times, like Burnout and Need for Speed?

Some entries in those two franchises are still held in very high regard, even many, many years after release. Then, there are a number of racing games that simply flew under the radar, like cult favourites Blur and Split/Second.

So, we want to know what your favourite racing series on Xbox is. Any era, any style, which of these would you pick?

What's Your Favourite Racing Series On Xbox?

If your beloved racer isn't here, drop it down in the comments!