Perfect Dark
Image: Xbox

One of the games we're most excited about here at Pure Xbox is the upcoming Perfect Dark title by The Initiative.

We're not the only ones, either. Our friends over at Time Extension recently had the chance to chat with Eveline Novakovic - Joanna Dark's original voice actor - about the new game. Although it's unclear if the character will be reprising her English roots, the VA is incredibly excited about her return:

Here's exactly what she had to say to Time Extension:

"The prospect of a new chapter to Perfect Dark is an exciting one. Technology has moved on so far since the original came out, and with this, there's an enviable freedom."

"The trailer is a tantalizing hint of what will no doubt be an expansive and breathtakingly cinematic feast of the senses. As for the voice of Joanna, I am delighted if she’s returned to her English roots."

Novakovic was eventually replaced by voice actress Laurence Bouvard for the Xbox 360 prequel, Perfect Dark Zero.

The development of the new Perfect Dark game has been very hush-hush so far, but some recent developments include the game's director departing the development studio back in March of this year, as well as the news that Crystal Dynamics would be assisting on the project last October.

The Perfect Dark remaster was sold as a standalone game, and also included in Rare Replay. Do you still play the remaster of the original from time to time? Looking forward to the new entry? Leave a comment down below.