Your Xbox Series X|S Will Soon 'Boot Up' Even Faster

[Update, July 25:] Team Xbox member Jake Rosenberg has confirmed that this update will also apply to Xbox One consoles! Rosenberg says that last-gen machines are now booting up "noticeably faster" after the animation changes, currently live for Xbox Insiders.

[Original Story, July 24:] You know that start-up animation you get when you turn on your Xbox Series X or Series S from a cold boot? The one that shows the Xbox logo and plays a little chime? Well, it's getting a minor change in the very near future.

Already available in certain Xbox Insider rings, the new animation has been reduced from nine seconds to four seconds, in an attempt to "help reduce the overall startup time". Here's the confirmation of this:

Of course, you only see this startup animation when your console isn't placed into "Instant-on" mode, so it might not be something you experience every time, depending on what energy settings you've activated on your console.

It's definitely a nice little addition regardless, and hopefully it'll find its way to the rest of the Xbox Insider rings, followed by a public rollout, in the relatively near future. You can check out some footage of the new boot sequence below:

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