Xbox Is Honouring Disability Pride Month Throughout July 2

Xbox has announced that it's doing a variety of things to mark Disability Pride Month this July.

Firstly, you can now search and then filter by one or more Accessibility Feature Tags to find your next game on the Xbox Store. In addition, the Family Gaming Database now lists the default required inputs for Xbox games on its accessibility pages, "to enable caregivers, occupational therapists, and physical therapists to more easily create adaptive gaming configurations for those in the Gaming & Disability Community they support."

Elsewhere, Microsoft Rewards is highlighting a variety of organisations in the UK and/or US over the next month that you can donate your points to, including SpecialEffect, The AbleGamers Foundation and others.

The other major feature relates to a new gamerpic, profile themes, and avatar items being introduced as part of Disability Pride Month, in partnership with gaming and disability communities at Xbox.

Here's what Kaitlyn Jones, Accessibility Program Manager at Xbox had to say over at Xbox Wire:

"Disability Pride is about acknowledging our own unique experiences with disability as a natural and beautiful aspect of human diversity. This includes all disabilities – both seen and unseen. This is our chance to highlight the vast spectrum of people represented by this moment, including advocates past and present working to create more inclusive and accessible experiences across all facets of life.

This is an opportunity for Xbox to celebrate the more than 400 million video game players with disabilities around the world, as we aim to create a space where people with disabilities don’t feel the need to mask or cover their disabilities, but find connection among an inclusive gaming community that celebrates us as we are."

For more details on everything to do with Xbox and Disability Pride Month, check out the official Xbox website.