Marvel Black Panther
Image: Marvel's Avengers, Square Enix

Superhero games certainly aren't going anywhere are they? PlayStation's Insomniac has produced some very well-received Spider-Man games as of late, and we've got the likes of Gotham Knights and Marvel's Midnight Suns in the pipeline too. Well, a little further down the line we could be seeing a 'Black Panther' title from EA, according to a new report.

VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb touched on the project on a recent news show episode, detailing what we can expect from this supposed Black Panther game. For a start, it's set to be a single-player adventure, in development at a brand-new Seattle-based EA studio.

"The player is going to take on the challenges of becoming the new Black Panther and that seems to be the set-up for the game."

Aside from these few tidbits, we know very little about EA's upcoming superhero game. For now this is all rumour anyway, at least until EA comes out and confirms the existence of such a project. Still, we could see it happening given the popularity of superhero titles right now.

EA typically sticks to multiplatform releases as well, so if this one comes to fruition we should see it on Xbox platforms as well as PlayStation and PC. We'll be keeping our eye out for more details on this one in the near future.

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