Gears 5 Map Builder

Gears 5 launched about two and a half years ago, and developer The Coalition is now winding down support on the title. Last year, the game's seasonal content drops dried up, and now one of the game's features is being removed to free up development resources.

Gears 5 featured a map builder (yeah, we forgot too), allowing users to create their own Escape mode maps to publish and play. This is now being removed, and any associated achievements will be granted to all players who boot the game up. So, if you never used the map builder and are after a couple easy cheevos, it might be worth loading Gears 5 up!

If you did complete those achievements prior to the closure, a few neat rewards are coming your way. The 'I Made it All By Myself' achievement will earn you an exclusive banner, and the 'Homegrown Hive' achievement grants 10k Gears Coins in-game.

To be honest, this is somewhat disappointing to see. Sure, we didn't use the builder much and it was a bonus mode, but Gears 5 losing features this early into its life feels a little... premature to us. Hopefully it'll all be worth it once Gears 6, or whatever else The Coalition is working on, comes to light.

Did you use this feature? Disappointed to see it go? Let us know!