Gears 5

It's looking like Gears developer The Coalition is keeping quite busy! In addition to its work on that series, the Vancouver-based team seems to be working on all sorts of other projects. Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg recently spoke with Xbox fans at an event in South America, where he discussed what The Coalition is up to.

It seems they're occupied with all sorts. Greenberg discussed their involvement with the recent Matrix Awakens demo, along with the team's continued work on Unreal Engine.


However, it's what we don't know about that intrigues us the most. Greenberg says the developer is "currently working on several unannounced projects" alongside its continued work on Unreal Engine.

It's safe to assume one of those projects is Gears 6, given Gears 5's open-ended story conclusion. There have also been rumours of a 'Marcus Fenix Collection' of sorts, with remastered Gears of War content.

However, there could also be a new IP thrown in there. There have been rumours swirling for some time that The Coalition isn't just working on Gears anymore, and Greenberg's comments only add fuel to that fire.

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