Fable Original
Image: Xbox

There's been a lot of movement within the walls of Playground Games, and the latest development comes from Anna Megill - a writer known for games like Control and Dishonored, who joined Playground Games as a lead writer in 2020.

In a new update, Megill has now taken charge as the narrative lead of the new Fable game for Xbox:

She brings with her years of experience and also has a special connection to the Fable series, as originally revealed when she was hired by Playground Games:

"Fable holds a special place in my heart. It came out the year I started in gamedev, and its the first game I played with a developer’s eye. I loved understanding the how and why of my story choices and seeing the impact I had on the NPCs around me..."

"But even so, I wasn’t sure this new Fable was right for me. I was like “Is this going to be just a bunch of medieval fart jokes?” But the team’s story vision reassured and excited me. It’s a PERFECT fit. I can’t wait to get started"

This update follows on from concerns raised about the Fable team potentially reiterating the scoping of the whole project - with claims there's nothing to worry about, and everything is going fine.

Apart from the occasional Fable update, Playground Games is also gearing up for the release of the Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels expansion, which arrives on July 19th.

Are you excited about Fable? What do you think of this latest development from within the studio? Leave your thoughts down below.