Bright Memory: Infinite, the chunkier follow-up to stylish shooter Bright Memory 1.0, is finally coming to Xbox Series X|S this month. Ahead of its July 21st launch, the game's sole developer has detailed some tech specs across both Xbox Series consoles, and it's looking like another solid turnout — including on Xbox Series S!

To sum it up, Infinite is aiming for 1440p resolution visuals at 60FPS on the all-digital Xbox Series S, which is a pretty impressive offering considering the visual quality on show. Just look at it!

In terms of Xbox Series X stats, we're looking at three modes total. A quality option aiming for 4K/60FPS, a ray tracing mode at 60FPS, and a performance mode with a 120FPS target. It's hitting all the big next-gen buzzwords then!

If you happen to own Bright Memory 1.0, the short prelude to Infinite, you can get 20% off Bright Memory: Infinite on the Xbox Store, although exact pricing has yet to be revealed (RRP looks like it'll be around $19.99 in the US). The Xbox editions will also come with five free exclusive weapon skins, so that sounds a decent deal all round!

Bright Memory: Infinite Will Feature Multiple Performance Modes On Xbox Series X|S 3

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