Biomutant is over a year old at this point, believe it or not, and even though it launched after the next-gen consoles dropped, it was an Xbox One title at heart. Now though, THQ Nordic has revealed a native next-gen port for the action RPG, which will deliver proper Xbox Series X|S versions of the game.

The upgrade — which is free for current owners — launches on September 6th, with a separate $40 release also arriving that day if you're jumping into Biomutant for the very first time. Here's some info on the various modes featured in the new release, across Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

  • Xbox Series X Quality: 4K Resolution, 30FPS
  • Xbox Series X 'Quality Unleashed': 4K Resolution, Unlocked Frame Rate (Avg. 50-60FPS)
  • Xbox Series X Performance: 1440p Resolution, 60FPS Locked
  • Xbox Series S Quality: 1440p Resolution, 30FPS
  • Xbox Series S 'Quality Unleashed': 1440p Resolution, Unlocked Frame Rate (Avg. 50-60FPS)
  • Xbox Series S Performance: 1080p Resolution, 60FPS Locked

Oh, and here's a look at some next-gen Biomutant screenshots ahead of its September 6 release date on Xbox Series X|S:

Are you excited that Biomutant is finally making the next-gen jump? Let us know in the comments!