Xbox Expected To Feature 'A Lot Of Gameplay' At Next Week's Showcase

Microsoft has been keeping things fairly quiet about what to expect from next week's Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, aside from a starring role for Starfield, but it sounds like gameplay will be the key focus above all else.

This is according to VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb, who took to the GiantBomb show Grubbsnax yesterday to reveal what he knows, explaining that the expectation since last year has been to show a lot of gameplay at this showcase:

"When it comes to Xbox, I know what the expectation has been. The expectation has been, this entire time, that 'we are going to do an E3 show in 2022 and we want a lot of gameplay', and everyone involved should understand that. That's been the marching orders since last year."

Grubb believes that we'll finally get a chance to see gameplay for the highly-anticipated Avowed at the Showcase next Sunday, although it's not expected to release until next year, while Avalanche Studios' Contraband may show up in some form as well. And of course, we're expecting a deep dive for Starfield and hopefully Redfall too.

So, that's what Grubb says about the Showcase, but what are you expecting to see? Let us know:

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