Scorn is a game we've been locked onto for some time, and finally, we have a solid release date! This slime-infested horror shooter hits Xbox Series X|S on October 21st, and it heads to Xbox Game Pass on day one.

Each time this game is shown we're still not 100% clear on what it actually is, but nevertheless, we're always intrigued by its unique atmosphere and downright grisly visuals / animations. If you're as into it as us and are interested in picking the game up beyond its Game Pass inclusion, pre-orders are now live too.

Scorn remains a next-gen exclusive, so Xbox One players will miss out until it's time for that shiny new console upgrade. Still, we're glad to see a proper next-gen-only game launch this year!

Will you be dropping into Scorn's disgusting world on day one? Let us know in the comments.