Rumour: New Minecraft RTS Could Be Revealed At The Xbox Games Showcase 2022

The latest rumour doing the rounds before the big Xbox showcase is that another Minecraft spin-off is in development. Ex-Giantbomb host Jeff Gerstmann discussed the title on his first solo podcast, speculating that it could even be revealed at this Sunday's show.

Gerstmann appears to have been shown details on the game ahead of its announcement, although it's involvement in the showcase isn't confirmed just yet.

"There's a new Minecraft game in development. I don't know if this is something that's going to get announced at Microsoft's event, but there's a new Minecraft spin-off in the works. Microsoft appears to be testing it out and putting it out under a codename and all that sort of stuff.

From the basic descriptions — and I got to see a couple of screenshots of it — it seems like it is a real time strategy game, an RTS of sorts. But, the difference is you're controlling a 'Steve-esque' unit on the field, and ordering your units around in a third person view."

This sounds interesting to us, although we're not sure how far along the game is just yet. Gerstmann went on to say that what he's seen and heard so far seems quite early on in development.

As for other Minecraft news? Well, the rumoured RTS could be linked to this report on multiple Minecraft projects being in the works at Mojang. Either way, we'd still love to see that ray-tracing update finally come to fruition in the main game if nothing else, after its accidental appearance earlier this year.

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