Xbox And Bethesda Games Showcase

Well, the big Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase for 2022 is now behind us, and reactions across the web have been mixed so far. Looking at our own polling here at Pure Xbox, the show seems to have gone over very well generally, but opinions further afield are more mixed. However you personally feel though, one thing is for sure: Xbox deserves credit for bringing real extended gameplay demos to this year's showcase.

For the last couple of Xbox summer showcases, Microsoft has really brought its 'A-game' in terms of the number of games shown off. We've had teaser trailers for the likes of Fable, Perfect Dark, Avowed, Everwild and Contraband, just to name a few. However, they were just that; teaser trailers. While this year's showcase didn't quite deliver such a list of bombastic announcements, it showed us some proper gameplay demos for games looking to drop over the next 12 months.

Redfall Xbox
Image: Arkane Austin

And as the dust settles on the showcase, that's fine by us. We'll openly admit that when the credits rolled we felt a little underwhelmed at Xbox's showing this year, but on reflection, we're glad we didn't get another laundry list of announcements that won't see the light of day for three years. We loved the excitement surrounding Fable's reveal in 2020, and the hype was there for the Perfect Dark announcement too. Yet, in 2022, we barely know anything more about these games than we did when they were first revealed.

This year, it was especially great to get extended looks at both of Bethesda's recently-delayed exclusives, Redfall and Starfield. While the jury is still out on Redfall (we haven't quite made our minds up on it yet), Starfield looks really promising and could finally deliver on that 'Skyrim in space' energy Bethesda has been throwing around since the game was first revealed back in 2018. Starfield's showing was especially meaty too, with the team showcasing exploration, combat, spaceship dogfighting, and much more besides.

Starfield Ship
Image: Bethesda

Then there's Forza Motorsport, which looked absolutely phenomenal we might add. The reboot looks like a real next-gen leap for the series, and is set to be the first console racer to deliver real-time ray tracing out on the track. This was probably the most impressive showing yesterday, further highlighting just how important the franchise is for Xbox.

Oh, and we can't forget the real star: Xbox Game Pass. Team Xbox just showcased a neat graphic detailing what to expect for Xbox & PC over the next 12 months, and of the 50 games featured, 40 are coming to Game Pass on day one. That's a whole load of Xbox Game Pass over the next year folks!

Xbox 2023
Image: Turn 10 Studios

So, yeah, all in all, we just think Xbox deserves a lot of credit for taking on the criticisms of the last few showcases and bringing us plenty of raw, extended gameplay sequences. We've got a lot to look forward to over the next 12 months, not to mention 2023 and beyond. Right, the countdown to next year's showcase is officially on!

What did you make of Xbox's change of focus for this year's show? Let us know down in the comments.