Microsoft Is Again Handing Out Free Gift Cards This Weekend

It must be the season of generosity at Microsoft right now, as for the third time in recent weeks, we're hearing of Xbox users who have been receiving free Xbox Gift Cards via direct messages on their account over the weekend.

This time around, it looks like people in the UK are getting £4 or £8 worth of credit, while US residents are getting either $5 or $10, and they may be showing up in other regions as well. Here's a look at the message:

As usual, it seems these free Xbox Gift Cards are being handed out randomly, so you've just got to hope you're one of the lucky ones. If you are, you should find a message from Xbox on your console similar to the one above.

Microsoft was doing one of these weekend promotions back in late May, and that was followed up by Xbox users receiving free credit for the Deals Unlocked sale recently as well. It's nothing new for the team to hand out free Xbox Gift Cards every now and then, but it's been happening a lot recently - not that we're complaining!

Were you lucky enough to get one of these? Let us know down in the comments section below.