Microsoft Is Quietly Giving Away Free Xbox Credit Right Now

Update (Sat 11th Jun): It looks like we finally know why this is happening! Microsoft is beginning to message lucky Xbox fans to tell them they've got a free gift card to celebrate the Deals Unlocked Sale 2022, as you can see below:

Original story (Thu 9th Jun): Once again, Microsoft is currently giving away free Xbox credit to a variety of Xbox users, but the difference this time around is that it's not being advertised as of yet - it's just being quietly deposited into some Xbox owners' accounts.

This has been reported by a variety of people over the past 24 hours, who have taken to multiple Xbox related subreddits to document the different amounts they've received, which seems to be £8 in the UK and $10 in the US.

So, why is this happening? It's unclear at the moment, but these deposits of free Xbox credit are reportedly being classed as "refunds", so it seems like Microsoft has either made a mistake, or is making up for something specific.

There's been speculation that it might have something to do with the recent issues surrounding Microsoft Rewards, where people found that their accounts were being suspended for no reason, but there's no confirmation on this yet.

If we find out exactly why this credit is being issued, we'll let you know! In the meantime, we suggest checking your Xbox account to see if your credit has increased at all, and inform us if you've received anything in the comments.

Here's how to check your Xbox credit balance on your console:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Account
  • Go to Payment and Billing
  • Go to Payment Options
  • Look for your Microsoft account balance

Have you been lucky enough to get some free Xbox credit? Tell us down below.