PlayStation's Jim Ryan Continues To Dismiss Game Pass-Style Launches
Image: PlayStation Blog Deutschland

It seems that people just can't move away from Xbox Game Pass when talking about the new PlayStation Plus revamp. In a recent investor Q&A, PlayStation's Jim Ryan was once again asked about comparisons to Xbox's service, and whether launching first party games there is something the company has looked at.

During the briefing, Ryan dismissed day one PS Plus launches, once again pointing at the quality of PlayStation's exclusive lineup. Here's what the exec had to say, as transcribed by TweakTown:

"We are in a virtuous cycle where success has allowed investment, which has generated more success, which is allowing us to invest more and will hopefully generate yet more success.

That virtuous cycle, we feel that if we were to move to a different model, which involved putting our AAA games into a subscription service on day one, we feel that there is significant risk that the virtuous cycle that we've established so successfully would be compromised and potentially broken.

We definitely feel that is not in the best interest of the PlayStation gamer. That is our view on that particular issue."

It's looking like day one PS Plus launches aren't going to be a thing any time soon then (at least in terms of Sony's first party lineup), regardless of the success of Xbox Game Pass. You can't really blame the platform holder, who now charges $70 for its big first party titles.

As for Xbox, well, it just feels like a waiting game for some more big AAA titles to hit Game Pass. Having said that, it's only been six months since Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite made waves on the service in late 2021.

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