No Man's Sky keeps on growing as developer Hello Games builds on its core idea of an entire procedurally generated universe. A month or so ago, the game's 'Outlaws' update delivered space pirates, among other things, and now 'Leviathan' is adding space whales, because, why not?

Head of the studio Sean Murray has detailed all the key points for the game's latest update, and yeah, space whales is one that certainly stands out! New narrative elements and even a roguelike mechanic are also pretty important though, as No Man's Sky continues to evolve.

And remember, the game is available on Xbox Game Pass, and of course, the update is free, so you can get stuck into Leviathan if you're a Game Pass subscriber. The update is available now on all platforms.

It's pretty safe to say the updates aren't slowing down either, if you're on the fence about diving in. A few months ago, Murray said that No Man's Sky updates are "not done yet by a long shot", so investing time in at this stage is probably still worth it!

Will you be trying out the Leviathan update on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know down below.