No Man's Sky is the gift that keeps on giving, as Hello Games has dropped the 19th major update for the exploration and survival title on Xbox Game Pass today, featuring "a new threat in the form of the emboldened space pirates."

No Man's Sky: Outlaws' list of features include outlaws taking over space stations across the galaxy, the first new starship since early 2020 (Solar Starship), the ability to smuggle illegal goods purchased in outlaw systems, the addition of specialist cargo inventories to all starships, an option to recruit and upgrade squadrons of wingmen, and more.

You can check out the trailer above, and here's a bit of what to expect about the space pirates:

"Pirates have been a largely quiet but constant presence in the No Man’s Sky universe for a long time, and any journey through space will be sure to lead to a skirmish with them sooner or later.

Now the pirates have started a campaign of colonization throughout the galaxies, using space stations as their base for occupying the surrounding system and conducting their smuggling enterprises. Upon encountering their ramshackle lairs, travellers can choose whether to confront them or ally with them in their nefarious smuggling activities."

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