Xbox Series S Patent

Update [15:50]: It appears that this particular patent filing is the one in question, published on May 5th. Direct access to the patent filing gives us a little more info on Microsoft's potential moves with a 'disc-to-digital' feature.

To address such challenges with playing previous generation physical video game media on next generation digital video game devices, the present disclosure describes systems and methods for providing software ownership validation of optical discs using secondary devices. In aspects, a local network may comprise at least a first and second device.

Original Story [14:20]: A new patent created by Microsoft shows a method of trading physical games for their digital counterparts. The patent, reported on by GameRant, shows a method whereby you'd insert a disc into an Xbox console, upload the license to a server of some kind, and then be able to use that same game on a digital system.

From there, the patent doesn't really detail what'd happen to the disc version afterwards. It may be usable as normal but you'd need to 'check in' periodically to use the digital copy, or maybe Xbox has plans to render that disc useless once the digital version is transferred.

This seems like a neat idea, especially for those currently using an Xbox Series S, or the digital Xbox One S for that matter. However, as usual with patents, they're often born from ideas that never really become a reality for users.

However, the idea of 'disc-to-digital' isn't a wholly new concept. Back in 2018, journalist Brad Sams reported on such a feature potentially being in the works for the Xbox One S All Digital system, but the program never launched when the console did.

Is such a feature a bit pointless? Or would it be ideal for Series S users? Let us know below.

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