It's Been A Rough Old Week For Microsoft Rewards On Xbox

Many of us are big fans of Microsoft Rewards here at Pure Xbox, but we're also able to agree that the program could use a bit of restructuring on Xbox, particularly in regards to the app which is known for having occasional bugs.

Case in point, the recent Forza Horizon 5 punch card. At the time of writing, it's approaching a week since problems were first reported (in fact, you still can't even open it in some regions), and few people have managed to get it to work:

That's not the only issue we've come across recently. Last week, the Xbox Game Pass Quests for May 2022 weren't updated at the correct time, with the Xbox team apologising and an apparent dev explaining the reasons behind it:

Bit of a rough week for the program, then, and it seems like there may be a few issues going on behind the scenes. The Forza bug will surely be fixed soon, but we're holding out hope for an eventual overhaul of the MS Rewards app on Xbox.

How has Microsoft Rewards been for you recently? Let us know down in the comments below.