Xbox App Stories

Remember when Instagram was the only platform that featured 'Stories'? You know, the limited-time pictures and clips that'd eventually disappear into thin air? Us neither, as every social media site under the sun has copied the idea since. And now, it's Xbox's turn.

Aussie Xbox fans will be the first to experience the app's new feature, as the rollout will begin in Australia for testing. Xbox ANZ says that you'll be able to add game clips, screenshots and achievements to Stories, with each update lasting 72 hours.

Xbox seems to be experimenting with a load of different sharing options at the moment, with Stories being the latest addition. To be honest, we just want to see the console experience cleaned up a little bit, but we still welcome new features on the Xbox app.

Xbox's Major Nelson says that the feature will be "coming soon everywhere" once initial testing is carried out in Australia.

What do you think to this? Would you use a 'Stories' feature? Let us know in the comments below.