Xbox DVR update

Earlier this month, an Xbox Insider update removed the ability to share to Twitter. The social media platform was missing entirely from the share screen, leaving messages, OneDrive and mobile as the core remaining options.

Now, Twitter is back, along with a whole host of other platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. However, these aren't direct Game DVR sharing options like the Twitter option once was. Instead, selecting these just sends a notification to the mobile app, showing you can share your screens and clips from there.

So, essentially, this new sharing system is a remote ping to your mobile device, and direct social media sharing is no more on Xbox. Well, in the Insider program at least, as this update hasn't rolled out to everyone just yet.

While we welcome changes to game captures on Xbox — the system is more than ready for an overhaul — this seems like a bit of a step backwards. Removing direct sharing means Xbox is missing a core feature that the competition still delivers.

Microsoft has yet to comment on the change publicly, so we'll wait and see if there's more to this than meets the eye.

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