How To Pre-Install Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy With Xbox Game Pass

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy makes its triumphant debut on Xbox Game Pass next Thursday, March 10th, and if you want it get it pre-loaded ahead of that date, there's a way to do it... but it's a little bit convoluted at the moment.

You can't officially pre-install it with Xbox Game Pass yet, so instead you need to go to the standard Xbox app on Android or iOS and do it from there. Firstly, select the magnifying glass at the bottom and search for the name of the game - this is usually how you'd find it, but for whatever reason, it's not showing up for us when we look for it.

So, if you can't find the game page on the Xbox app, a workaround is to go into your list of friends (or manually search for one) and look for someone who has played the game and has it included in their "Achievements" section. If you can find someone who has it, tap on the game and then tap the game's square icon when the next page loads up - this should take you to a screen where it allows you to "Download to Console", which will finally start pre-installing the game.

(If you've played Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and you're happy for the Pure Xbox community to search through your achievements in order to complete this task, please drop your gamertag in the comments below!)

Of course, as always, you'll need to make sure you've linked up your home console properly with the Xbox app before doing this, otherwise the remote download won't work. As long as everything's set up correctly, you should find that the game instantly starts installing on your system, and it'll be all ready to go when it drops on Game Pass next week.

If you find an easier solution than the one we've highlighted here, please do let us know about it!

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