Update: Looks like it's been taken down from the Xbox Store already! It was fun while it lasted...

Original story: The beauty of the Xbox Creators Collection program is that anyone can publish a game on the Microsoft Store (within reason), and that's why you sometimes get some hilariously ridiculous ones — such as this new Mario-inspired game!

Released back in February, the game is brilliantly titled "Supertan Marioner 3D Infinity World Adventures", and is simply a side-scrolling endless runner starring Nintendo's beloved mascot. The description is just perfect as well:

"The adventures of Super marioner continue. This time with 3D design. Travel through the jungle with marioner. Jump between platforms. Try not to fall in this endless speeding adventure. You have 3 rights. Try to make the highest record."

As you can see from the footage above, it's not exactly one of Mario's greatest outings, and we can't imagine it'll survive on the Microsoft Store all that long. Nevertheless, it's definitely good for a chuckle, and it's actually not the only Mario game you'll find on Xbox - there's also a Mario Kart-style puzzle game, for example.

Nintendo might not like this all that much, but we think it's hilarious! Hopefully they see the funny side...

What do you think of this? Have you actually bought it? Let us know down in the comments below.

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