The Xbox One S with 2TB drive and the streamlined controller is actually $399.99, according to, who are accepting preorders now.

The $299 model is the base device containing the 500GB drive, while the 1TB drive bundle is $349.

It will also include a 4k Blu-ray drive, so will play 4k Blu-rays, as you'd sort of expect (but that wasn't made clear.)

It's now coming to light that all models WILL include the new streamlined controller. We're not sure why showed that bizarre caveat, but there you go.

Original Story

Microsoft's E3 presser is over and done and to kick things off, the Redmond giant announced the new Xbox One S, information about which leaked yesterday.

What we didn't know from the leak though, is that the new console will be available in August and will be priced starting from $299.

The new system will be available in multiple configurations containing up to 2TB of storage, and according to notes on, the $299 model will contain the standard 500GB drive and bizarrely, not include a controller. We guess that one's aimed at those who maybe already own an Elite controller or who don't need another one, perhaps.

Another slight downer is that the vertical stand for the console is not bundled in and is instead sold separately.


Full pricing has yet to be revealed for the models with larger-sized drives. We'll bring you full details of exactly what you get in the box just as soon as we can.

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