Following on from a first look video last week of Halo Infinite multiplayer Season 2, developer 343 has now released a map preview blog - showcasing the new maps Catalyst (arena) and Breaker (BTB).

Both of these maps will make their debut on the 3rd of May alongside the second season of Halo Infinite. Here's a rundown of each one, courtesy of Halo level designer Tyler Ensrude:

"Catalyst is a symmetrical arena map nested high up inside of an expansive, tunnel-like Forerunner structure. You’ll find waterfalls pouring down around suspended catwalks, overgrown cathedral walls, and a light bridge connecting the sides of the map together."

"Breaker is a pseudo symmetric BTB map set in a Banished scrapyard where each team’s base is a huge chunk of ship debris, divided by the plasma cutting beam structure in the middle. And yes, that beam is absolutely a dynamic element of the map that presents both opportunities and challenges in gameplay."

Apart from the new maps, Season 2 of Halo Infinite's multiplayer will also include new modes, themed limited-time events and an all-new Battle Pass.

Are you looking forward to trying out these new Halo Infinite multiplayer maps? Tell us down in the comments.