Halo MCC Steam

Halo: The Master Chief Collection finally made its way to PC in 2019, five years after its initial Xbox One launch. It's safe to say the re-launch has been a hit, so much so that right now, its playerbase seems to be healthier than Halo Infinite's.

Looking at Steam's database numbers, just over 9,000 players online at once is MCC's recent 24-hour peak player count. That number is about 7,800 for Halo Infinite, at the time of writing. This is even more stark when you notice that Infinite's all-time concurrent record is 100,000 higher than the Master Chief Collection.

Of course, there are a few notable reasons for this. A huge update has just arrived for Halo: MCC, adding cross-play for Halo 3 and a new Flood Firefight mode to the collection. Comparatively, Halo Infinite is still awaiting its first major post-launch content drop.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer

However, it's still a little troubling that the player count for a collection of old games is surpassing that of the first proper Halo game in over six years. This is all Steam-based though, so console player counts could tell a hugely different story, if we had that data. Remember, the majority of MCC's games weren't available on PC at all, before 2019's launch.

Still, this highlights how desperate the wider community is for new Halo Infinite content. Thankfully, we won't have to wait too much longer, as season 2 launches in less than three weeks, on May 3rd.

Do these numbers surprise you? Are you still playing Halo: MCC as well? Let us know in the comments!

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